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Naskraft diverse Services help companies enhance their performance in today’s digital world, and include top-level consultation, remote R&D and comprehensive customer support. We provide a range of advanced data-driven solutions, services and products for the digital age.

  • Naskraft integrate best-of-breed technologies with unique deployment methods for maximum performance and scalability.
  • Naskraft Services team is a dedicated group of entrepreneurial professionals who want to help you integrate our solutions into your business as quickly and easily as possible.
  • Naskraft follows industry accepted procedures and processes to ensure highest quality output for its customers. We have devised a 4D's (Discover, Design, Develop and Deliver) Methodology based on widely accepted Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Business requirements
  • Software requirements
  • Use case analysis
  • Prototype
  • System architecture
  • Application design
  • Subsystem design
  • Subsystem development
  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • Alpha testing
  • Beta testing

Web Application Development

Complexity delivered in a simple solution — creating powerful web applications capable of heavy lifting. Naskraft uses structured framework programming, best programming practices, coding guidelines and standards. As the technology advances and the programming landscape changes to accomodate the world's growing technological needs, Naskraft constantly evaluates the latest trends in the development community. We improve ourselves to provide our clients the best possible development solutions.

Mobile Application Development

Creating powerful, high performance mobile apps, built with your success in mind. Naskraft specializes in building Android mobile apps. Naskraft is using robust technology that allows the development of your mobile application for for Android platforms using agile development method. This method provides the ability to develop the application quickly, which saves you time and money. The ubiquitous nature of mobile devices has propelled the increase in need for quality mobile apps.

Desktop Application Development

Our desktop application development services provide you with an efficient, user-friendly, and customized desktop application that can run offline and independent of web-browser. Our desktop applications help businesses meet their respective requirements and provide a competitive advantage in the growing market. As different businesses have specific and unique requirements, our custom-developed desktop applications help businesses to fulfill these requirements and achieve success.

Cloud Applications

A cloud application (or cloud app) is an application program that functions in the cloud, with some characteristics of a pure desktop app and some characteristics of a pure Web app. A desktop app resides entirely on a single device at the user's location (it doesn't necessarily have to be a desktop computer).

Windows Applications

An application program (sometimes shortened to application) is any program designed to perform a specific function directly for the user or, in some cases, for another application program. Application programs use the services of the computer's operating system and other supporting programs.

System Programming

System programming languages are designed for writing system software, which usually requires different development approaches. System software is computer software designed to operate and control the computer hardware, and to provide a platform for running application software.

Windows GUI design

GUI (Graphical User Interface) is a type of interface that allows users to interact with electronic devices through graphical icons and visual indicators such as secondary notation, as opposed to text-based interfaces, typed command labels or text navigation. GUIs were introduced in reaction to the perceived steep learning curve of command-line interfaces (CLIs), which require commands to be typed on the keyboard.

Corporate Multimedia

Web Content, Mobile Content, Online Video and E - Books. Naskraft has been developing hundreds of pages of content for websites, multimedia presentations, e-newsletters video documentaries and books. There is a difference in writing for each of these media. Many of our titles have evolved as mini encyclopedia on the concerned areas due to in-depth study of the subject. Naskraft specializes in corporate video production and post production.

System Audit Management

The audit objectives are to comply with the applicable professional auditing standards. The IS auditor should follow the guidelines, as under, for planning the information systems audit work. These guidelines cover the planning process, the identification of the levels of planning and the documentation of the work to be performed by the IS auditors. These guidelines also set out how the IS auditor should comply with the internationally accepted standards.

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