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FDI Tooth Numbering Chart Our dental software allows dentists to uniquely identify and makes notes referring to a specific tooth in just a click with FDI tooth numbering charts. Moreover our intuitive feature even lets you choose between a child tooth-chart or an adult tooth-chart. Unlimited Image Uploads Our dental software provides dentists with instant access to safe uploads of dental X-rays anytime, anywhere. Moreover they can easily view before and after images, which gives them a better idea of the treatment during their smile design and teeth straightening sessions.

  • Unlimited Image Uploads
  • Instant Access
  • Before and After Images


  • Bio Metric Device is not included in basic price.
  • SMS pack can be selected as per requirement.
  • DND process with TRAI is mandatory,
        charges as per SMS gateway provider
  • Yearly maintenance & annual backup is free
        for the first year of subscription

Exodentist - OASIS ©

A flexible and affordable dental practice management software that reduces administration and improves workflow and productivity. Oasis version works with clinics having a single sitting. Easy to learn and simple to use.

Three key modules make up the heart of Exodentist software

  • My Money
  • My Time
  • My Work

– with additional components available for specialist requirements. Day to day functionality can also be customized to adapt the Exodentist software to your particular needs.

Exodentist software gives dental practices wide-ranging patient database and scheduling tools, provides a smart financial package that enables you to better manage your time and reap the best returns. Exodentist software comes with forward thinking clinical charting tools that improve chair-side workflow, assist in patient education and create compelling treatment plans. The dental Practice Management software provides more time for dentistry, thanks to a range of intelligent and powerful tools that deliver efficiency and enhance business performance.

Exodentist - EXACT ©

Built on years of analysis and research, Exodentist - EXACT © Dental Practice Management software gives dental practices the management tools to increase revenues and profitability and secure your peace of mind.

Exodentist - EXACT © software automates many of the mundane but essential management tasks that collectively determine the financial success of a dental practice. It includes a range of enhancements that allow dental practices to benefit from increased efficiency, giving you more time to focus on patient care.

Making a significant difference to practice performance Exodentist - EXACT © software organizes the protocols on which a practice is run and improves the key performance indicators that determine long-term success. With new and integrated features of storing data online and offline, Workflow Manager and Utilization Manager, Exodentist - EXACT © is a complete management software for dental businesses.

Exodentist - EXACT © has two main User Interfaces

1) Doctor's View - Multiple systems can be used to access Exodentist application.

2) Receptionist View - Receptionist can check patient's payment, scheduled appointment details, case history documents, print payment receipts, print consent forms and other documents.



  • Bio Metric Device is not included in basic price.
  • SMS pack can be selected as per requirement.
  • DND process with TRAI is mandatory, charges as per SMS gateway provider.
  • Yearly maintenance and annual backup is free for the first year of subscription.


  • SMS pack can be selected as per requirement
  • DND process with TRAI is mandatory, charges as per SMS gateway provider

Exodentist - ASCEND ©

An innovative cloud-based practice management system that is secure, convenient and easy to use.

With Exodentist Ascend, you get a fresh new interface that packs the most advanced clinical, front office and business management capabilities into a surprisingly easy and intuitive new user experience.

You gain the freedom to use whatever devices make sense for your practice—from PCs to Android Devices. And you tap into all the advantages of a secure, web-based architecture that gets better and smarter every time you log in. Exodentist Ascend provides instant access to the tools you need from any location, and frees you from the expense and hassle of buying and maintaining your own hardware.

Best of all, every part of this reimagined solution is available to you for yearly subscription.

With Exodentist Ascend Dental Practice Management, this new cloud computing model creates all kinds of new possibilities and benefits for smart, innovative dental practices like yours.