Naskraft IT Solutions PVT LTD.

Naskraft is different from a typical software product development firm in that we strive to create great products. Our purpose of offering low cost product development to startup firms is that we want to grow with their success. Our team follows Lean startup methodology and we work together with entrepreneurs and advise them on industry best practices.

Naskraft prefers to follow the collaborative development model which is often classified as extreme programming or agile development or Scrum. Our team is self contained and fully empowered to accomplish most of the current world application development goals. We ensure that our client business partners get exactly what they need. There is absolutely no scope of post development surprises.

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Quality performance starts with a positive attitude.

Composed with experience and energy

Our leadership has successfully led the team to come out with flying colors in each of our endeavors. This enables us to design a software, which is fully optimized according to the business needs and environments. We just do not blindly follow a technical stack which is suitable to us but we perform our technical evaluation across technical boundaries and select the best possible option after carefully studying the business needs vs offering of the technology stack. Our development team is full of energy and enthusiasm. Having in-depth technical skill set, they are fully devoted to complete their job with-in desirable time lines. In addition, they are continuously enhancing their skill sets by following and adapting industry best practices and technologies.


Meetings, questions and research that will help determine business and project objectives, and define project goals, scope, audience and timelines. Using the information garnered, we craft initial design directions for your review. Each design direction balances imagery and typographic elements, as required, to provide options for final design development. Upon selection of a design direction, we will refine and build-out this design and all required elements. During this Phase, we will also work with you to ensure that any required written content is developed and approved. Important elements of each design component are fine-tuned and prepped for production. For web projects, this is where programming, scripting and software integration begins. Specific to web projects, this phase includes final usability, platform and bandwidth testing to ensure ease of use, compatibility and quick download times. The site is then moved to our hosting server, where it undergoes extensive QA and debugging in preparation for live launch.

Experienced and Enthusiastic

“Wonderful Digital Things Require a Good Mix of Combined Skills”. Naskraft is your ideal partner for the development of IT solutions. The mission of Naskraft is to utilize cutting edge technology to offer reliable and efficient business application solutions, and consulting for the communications, corporate, financial and securities industry.

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